Bill Signing
Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association has been hard at work creating legislation that will benefit the citizens of Wisconsin! (Click photos to enlarge)
WI Act 142 – allows citizens to electronically share their purchased pre October 1, 1907 vital records, they must stamp across the face of the document “NOT FOR IDENTITY PURPOSES”.  Left to Right: Carey Petersilka, Cathy Williquette Lindsay, Jacob Kaczmarowski, Senator Dave Hansen, Sarah Guenther, Governor Scott Walker, Staci Hoffman, Tyson Fettes, Representative Joan Ballweg, Bethany Anderson, Kristi Chlebowski
WI Act 145 – requires all real estate conveyances to submit an electronic real estate transfer return, the only exception is for documents conveyed prior to October 1, 1969.  Left to Right: Bethany Anderson, Representative Joan Ballweg, Jacob Kaczmarowski, Kristi Chlebowski, Tyson Fettes, Lars Fiorio, Sarah Guenther, Governor Scott Walker, Carey Petersilka, Robert Kovach, Staci Hoffman, Adam Gibbs, Cathy Williquette Lindsay
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